Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brisk Teaching?

Brisk is a free AI-powered Chrome extension that simplifies teaching by integrating seamlessly with tools you already use like Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, YouTube, and articles. In seconds, you can create instructional materials, provide feedback, and evaluate student work - right from where you're already working. Brisk enhances productivity by overlaying your existing tools without the need for a separate app, offering an all-in-one solution that saves time and reduces hassle for educators.

Is Brisk free for educators?

Yes, Brisk is a totally free Chrome extension that you can start using now.

Brisk's Free Forever Plan for Educators includes 20+ free AI-powered tools, designed to maximize efficiency across Google Docs, articles, slides, YouTube, and more. See all of Brisk's AI teacher tools here.

What do I get when I first sign up?

Brisk is a robust, free Chrome extension designed for educators. To ensure you fully experience its capabilities, new sign-ups automatically receive 14 days of free access to Brisk Premium. The Brisk Premium subscription is available to schools and districts and offers 10+ additional premium tools, including targeted feedback, student interventions, and alignment with educational standards.  

After 14 days of Brisk Premium, you'll automatically transition to the Free Forever Plan, continuing your access to over 20 essential Brisk tools at no cost. Learn more about our plans here.

Can I pay for Brisk Premium as an individual teacher?

At this time, Brisk Premium is designed for schools and districts to purchase. Teachers who are interested in 45 days of additional access to Brisk's Premium features can join Brisk's AI Professional Community here. We're always ready to assist you in advocating for access through your school or district. Please email us at

I'm presenting on Brisk! What PD resources are available?

Thank you for supporting your colleagues with Brisk! Check out our Professional Development page for ready-made resources. Also, consider joining our Educator Facebook group to request swag, share experiences, and gain ideas from other educators.

I'm a school leader. How can I bring Brisk to my school?

Schedule a demo with us here! If you can't find a time that works for you, email us at

What is Brisk's privacy policy?

Brisk is FERPA compliant and has signed the Student Data Privacy Pledge. Visit our Privacy Center to see our comprehensive privacy policies and practices. Email if you have any questions.

What tools can I use with Brisk Teaching?

Brisk integrates seamlessly with your daily tools like Google Docs, Slides, Forms, web articles, webpages, and YouTube, saving you hours of work across these platforms.

Brisk also integrates with Google Assignments in LMS platforms like Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard, and Google Classroom. It can generate feedback on assignments submitted through Canvas (using Speedgrader and Google Docs) and Turnitin.

We continue to work on additional integrations, such as Microsoft Teams.
If you have a specific integration request, please reach out to us at

How does Brisk integrate with Canvas?

Please reference this guide to learn more about using Brisk with Google Assignments in Canvas.

Brisk is blocked on my school network. How do I enable it?

You will need to contact your school IT administrator to allow-list the following on your school domain:


Your IT department may also need to allow the Brisk Chrome Extension ID: pcblbflgdkdfdjpjifeppkljdnaekohj.

I'm getting an error that my Chrome browser isn't connected to the internet

Please click the three safe links below to confirm you can access them:

If any of these appear blocked for you, you will need to contact your school IT administrator to unblock them on your schools network.

How to get Brisk Teaching approved by your IT department

Fill out this form to get everything needed for IT approval, so you can start using Brisk Teaching.

Your IT approval packet will include:
1. Comprehensive Privacy Policy
2. State-Specific Data Privacy Agreement
3. Source Provider Letter
4. Required IT Configurations

Visit our Privacy Center to see our comprehensive privacy policies and practices.