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Brisk's AI-powered essay grader saves you time and offers students more opportunities for feedback. Have Brisk suggest feedback or have it directly add feedback to your students' work.

Brisk's General feedback offers Glow, Grow, and Wondering questions to help push a student's thinking. Use our free AI feedback generator to save time and inspire new ideas.

Brisk quotes excerpts from student writing to help your students understand how to improve. Use our free AI essay grader on ELA, Science, History assignments and more!

"Brisk is exactly what we've been searching for—it's a teacher-driven tool that enhances our effectiveness without adding complexity."
Rachel Y.
District Chief Information Technology Officer
"Brisk's targeted feedback feature has revolutionized how I provide feedback and craft assessments. It's a substantial time-saver that allows me to focus on deeper student engagement."
Aaron Y.
Social Studies Department Chair
"Brisk’s IEP goal plan feature is phenomenal. It aligns perfectly with the student's present level, helping me craft precise and effective educational strategies."
Amy T.
Middle School Teacher, Special Education

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Pewaukee School District, Wisconsin

Learn how Pewaukee School District implemented Brisk to streamline educator tasks and improve learning outcomes.

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