We Believe...

Every educator spends countless additional hours working beyond their classroom time. We see you, and we think it's time for a well-deserved change. You should enjoy your weekends and lunch breaks, and not spend them on extra work. That's where Brisk comes in. It's a free Chrome extension that works with the tools you already use, automating your tasks without any extra apps or platforms. Because we believe that lightening your workload shouldn't mean adding more to your plate. Add to Chrome for free and experience more time back for you, guaranteed.


Teachers are unparalleled professionals who deserve equally professional tools built around their needs.


Teaching has become 100 jobs in one and teachers deserve intuitive, professional tools that streamline their wide-ranging workload.


Teaching is irreplaceable, but for the rest of your workload, there’s Brisk.

The Brisk Team

We are a committed team of technologists and educators, working to make teaching more sustainable. Across our team, we have parents, engineers, business school graduates, and decades of collective experience creating education tools that serve educators, students, and families.
Arman Jaffer

Arman is a computer scientist with a deep-seated passion for empowering educators through technology. After earning his bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley, Arman's career took him from the White House's Office of the CTO to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, where he played a pivotal role in leading the development and launch of the Notebooks project. Arman founded Brisk to increase the capacity of educators and finish what he started with Notebooks.

Corey Crouch

Corey has over two decades of experience in education and innovation- in her early career she was a high school English teacher, instructional coach, and principal in public and charter schools in Houston, Texas. More recently, Corey embraced leading big-picture change as the national Managing Director of School and District Success at Gradient Learning where she partnered closely with tech teams at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Tom Whitnah

Tom brings two decades of engineering experience in consumer products and EdTech. Before Brisk, Tom worked for five years as a principal engineer and engineering manager for Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's Summit Learning Platform, four years as the engineering manager for the Facebook Search Product Team, six years as a staff engineer on multiple Facebook product teams and four years as senior engineer for Yahoo! Search.