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Google Slides!

Slide through your presentation prep in seconds! Use Brisk to:
1. Create slide decks from scratch
2. Give Feedback on student-created slide decks

And the best part? You can do it all right from within your Google workspace. Give it a try and save valuable hours.

Canvas SpeedGrader Integration

Brisk seamlessly integrates with Canvas SpeedGrader, enhancing Google Assignments with targeted feedback options. Whether you're using 'Glow & Grow', 'Next Steps', or specific 'Rubric Criteria' feedback styles, Brisk supports all submission types. Highlight sections of a student's work to direct feedback to those areas. If you're using a rubric, upload it into Brisk for streamlined assessment. See all details here!

Brisk has a new look!

Our updated icon and logos better reflect Brisk as the professional and seamlessly integrated tool that you know and love. In support of this new look, we also have a ✨Press Kit ✨! As you're sharing or presenting on Brisk, you can pull our updated logos and icons from this folder.

Youtube Integration!

Use ANY Brisk tool on Youtube videos! You can create lesson plans, quizzes, feedback, resources, rubrics... directly from a Youtube video. If you're assessing a student project that was uploaded to Youtube, you can even give feedback directly from there!

Four Administrative Tasks

Need to spin up an email, newsletter, letters of rec, or observation notes... in seconds? A brand new suite of administrative tools have been added to the Create library... with more coming soon. Your plate just got a whole lot lighter.

Personalize to your learners

Once you've left feedback with Brisk on 5 or more assignments, personalized features will appear across all tools in the Create Library. By selecting the Personalize to my learners checkbox, Brisk will automatically differentiate curriculum to better address your learners' specific challenges and needs.

Insights From Your Feedback

Swamped with tracking insights across numerous student assignments? Leave feedback with Brisk on just five assignments to unlock Feedback Insights. Every time you give feedback, this tool becomes more powerful as it surfaces real-time, dynamic insights that capture what your students need.

And that's not all! Once areas of improvement are identified, click the Lesson Plan, Quiz, or Resource buttons to rapidly create content that targets those specific areas. For example, if your students are struggling with citing their sources, you can Brisk a lesson plan to enhance that skill - right there.

Introducing, Inspect Writing

Struggling with unreliable AI detectors? Inspect Writing reimagines student writing analysis. Replay a detailed step-by-step of your students' revision history, their copy/paste actions, and more. Try it and see the difference!

More Options, More Resources

Teaching ESL students? Now you can Give Feedback in 10+ languages.

Tired of copy & pasting? We've expanded where you can Create and Give Feedback! Click the Brisk icon on any website or Google doc for instant access to Feedback options and the Create Library to build quizzes, lessons, resources, and more.

Incorporating diverse resources? Change the Reading Level on thousands of additional articles and site pages.

Additions to the Create Library

DOK (DEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE) QUESTIONS cater to varied cognitive levels, ensuring students are both engaged and appropriately challenged.

PROGRESS REPORTS allow you to quickly generate personalized reports that respond to your inputs, with the flexibility to customize however you need. (Progress Reports are part of the Brisk School plan). Say goodbye to the long hours of drafting!

STATE PRACTICE TESTS give students the practice they need to be successful. Now, you can use Brisk to generate practice tests for the STAAR, SBAC, and additional assessments.

Quiz Forms

We started 2024 with our most requested feature from 2023. Now you can speed through quiz creation with ease and create quizzes as Google Forms, in addition to Google Docs.

Feedback Improvements

When you click 'Give Feedback'  in Brisk, you'll see 2 new options: Rubric Criteria and Next Steps (in addition to your favorites, Targeted and Glows & Grows).

Here's how: Simply select a segment of text within any doc, article, etc. Then use Brisk to give feedback, write & generate resources, detect AI writing, and/or change the reading level on that segment.

Seeking a more structured way to organize feedback? Now clicking 'Insert' will add Brisk's feedback into a table layout. With this new functionality, the feedback you provide students can be formatted to align with the structured table of your rubric, making it more clear and cohesive.

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