Brisk Boost for students is coming soon

Sneak Peek: Brisk Boost in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brisk Boost?

Brisk Boost is a dynamic tool that allows teachers to seamlessly "boost" educational materials like articles, videos, and documents directly to students using the Brisk Chrome extension. It offers customizable student interactions such as quizzes, writing coaching, and character chats, tailored to fit specific lesson plans. Additionally, it provides real-time monitoring of student engagement, ensuring a safe and productive learning environment.

Why is Brisk launching a student-facing tool?

Brisk is launching an extension for learners directly in response to the invaluable feedback and passionate support from educators like you. Your stories of how students have thrived with Brisk's rubric-aligned feedback have inspired us. We've listened to your collective desire for students to engage even more deeply with our tool. Brisk Boost will empower learners and support educators every step of the way.

When will Brisk Boost be available?

Since Brisk Boost will support learners, the team is being very intentional about rolling out the tool gradually to ensure our solution is useful and safe.

To that end, here is our current timeline:
Late March: Access for select Partner Districts
1-2 weeks before release: Educators on the waitlist
Summer 2024: All Educators

Is Brisk Boost free?

Like Brisk Teaching, we believe that learners and educators should have access to high-quality tools without a cost barrier. Our goal is to offer a robust and free experience for students. The web version of Brisk Boost will be free, while the student-facing Chrome extension will be a premium offering. As we continue to develop Brisk Boost, we will introduce additional features that may be free and also premium.

What safeguards are in place to ensure that student data is protected?

Brisk is a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, one of the most robust commitments to Student Data Privacy. Please visit our Privacy Center to learn about the extensive safeguards we have in place to ensure that student work remains secure.