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“I have always prided myself on giving really thoughtful feedback, but it's unbelievably time consuming and honestly makes me want to cry when I think of the hundreds of hours I've spent grading student writing over my career--often at the expense of my family and mental health. Brisk has cut out some of the most tedious aspects of providing feedback, allowing me to return students' work to them quickly so they can make revisions. My turnaround time for 75 first drafts has gone from days to hours. In most cases the feedback Brisk provides is about the same thing I would say if I had unlimited time and brain power. Starting with Brisk's feedback and then further personalizing the comments for each student has actually changed my life! ”
Heather Caid
St. Joseph High School
St. Joseph, Michigan
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"As a second year teacher, it can be difficult to create engaging, enriching lessons that suit all students. Brisk Teaching has aided me in ensuring that all students needs are met!"
Carmen Graham
West Laurens High School
Laurens County, Georgia
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“This is what English teachers have been waiting for for decades!”
Aaron Lawson
Northview Middle School
Indianapolis, Indiana
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With Brisk, busy educators can finally say goodbye to endless hours of work. Our free, AI-powered Chrome extension halves the time it takes to create educational content, analyze student writing, level text, and give in-depth feedback. Brisk fits neatly over your existing tools — no new apps to learn, no added stress. Use Brisk to breeze through your tasks and enjoy more free time, just for you.

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