Integrated with your tools

Teachers at 5,600+ schools trust Brisk to increase the quality and sustainability of instruction.


Brisk offers highly personalized experiences, learning from teachers' usage patterns to progressively enhance its content generation for improved accuracy and relevance.

Privacy Focused

Brisk sets the gold standard for student data privacy and security, employing advanced encryption, along with stringent protocols compliant with global regulations.


Brisk puts the power of AI directly in teachers' hands by offering a super-powered Chrome extension that integrates directly with educator tools like Google Classroom

✍️ Detect AI-Writing in Google Docs

We've built the most accurate and useful AI-detection tool for Google Docs and Google Classroom.

Seamless AI Detection, No Uploads Needed

As educators, we know how annoying it is to upload files to websites like Turnitin. Brisk's AI detection is built right into Google Docs and Google Classroom, so you can detect AI writing without ever leaving your workflow.

Assess Student Effort on Assignments

Brisk uses version history data to assess the effort that students put into their assignments. This can be used to flag suspicious work and support learners.

Cutting-Edge AI-Detection

We are leveraging a cutting-edge text-based AI-detection model to detect AI writing. It's been trained on GPT4 and is the most accurate AI-detection model available today.

📝 Write Curriculum

Create and source worksheets, resources and exam questions

Brisk uses proprietary data and technology to find and create learning content that is tailored to your classroom needs.

Customize curriculum for your teaching needs

Brisk learns about your personal teaching style and preferences by ingesting curriculum you like to use and by responding to your feedback.

Localize, personalize, and differentiate curriculum

Brisk can help you personalize curriculum for individual students, groups of students, or entire classes.

↕️ Convert the Reading Level of News Articles

Make the entire internet accessible to your learners

Assess the Reading Level of any Text

Click on the Brisk extension to see the reading level of any text on the internet. Brisk uses the length of sentences and the vocabulary used in the text to determine what age level the text is appropriate for.

Change the reading level of any news article

Brisk shows up on any news article you land on, which makes changing its reading level as easy as clicking a button.

Populate Converted Articles Directly in Google Docs

When you convert and article, Brisk will automatically populate it in a new Google Doc for you. You can then share it with your students or have Brisk to use the article to generate additional materials like a reading comprehension quiz.

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