↕️ Convert the Reading Level of any webpage

Make the entire internet accessible to your learners

Assess the Reading Level of any Text

Click on the Brisk extension to see the reading level of any text on the internet. Brisk uses the length of sentences and the vocabulary used in the text to determine what age level the text is appropriate for.

Change the reading level of any webpage

Brisk shows up on any news article you land on and is accessible on most sites, which makes changing the text's reading level as easy as clicking a button.

Populate Converted Articles Directly in Google Docs

When you convert an article, Brisk will automatically populate it in a new Google Doc for you. You can then share it with your students or have Brisk to use the article to generate additional materials like a reading comprehension quiz.

📖 Change the level of any Google Doc

Integrated with Google Docs, use Brisk to differentiate Docs material in seconds

Make your existing resources accessible

Brisk simplifies challenging concepts, shortens sentences, and uses appropriate vocabulary to level text.

Write with Brisk then Change Level with Brisk

Brisk is an all in one tool that allows you to generate high quality material and then immediately differentiate it for your learners.

Start in Docs, end in Docs

When you convert the article, Brisk will automatically populate it in a new Google Doc for you.

🌍 High quality translation

Support your ELL students with Brisk's powerful translation

Create leveled resources in any language

No more searching the web for appropriate leveled resources. Brisk level text from the web or Google Docs, then translate that leveled text.

Bilingual worksheets, resources, and more

Develop worksheets in Brisk and then bring those into a new language.

✨ Select only the text you need

Text selection is part of the Brisk School plan. Select the text of any webpage to make it accessible for your learners.

Exactly what you want, exactly when you need it

Text selection expands on our reading level conversion feature by allowing you to select sections of a text that you want to use in your classroom.

Create level reading passages and resources 3x faster

Brisk will make any text approachable for you students. Text selection speeds up this task even further by only converting the content you want.

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