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Protecting student and educator privacy is key to both our mission and business 

Student data is used only to provide Brisk Teaching to schools

We seek to use the least amount of data required to provide the highest positive impact we can on teaching and learning. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and share information.

Read more about how we use data in our Privacy Policy.

We do not sell or rent your data

We do not use Student Data for marketing or advertising purposes, nor do we show ads on Brisk Teaching properties. Rather, we charge schools and districts for additional features on top of our free product. 

Read more about how we use data in our Privacy Policy.

We never use student data to improve AI models

We use security practices designed to safeguard student data

Protecting student privacy is a top priority. We have established physical, technical, and administrative safeguards designed to protect the information in Brisk Teaching. These safeguards prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or improper use of information.

Read more about our security practices in our Privacy & Security FAQs.

We work with organizations that are dedicated to protecting student data, and comply with all student data privacy laws

We are signers of the Student Data Privacy Pledge, have earned the Data Privacy Certification and TrustEd Apps Seal from 1EdTech, and comply with all student data privacy laws, including FERPA and COPPA. We have signed the National Data Privacy Agreement with California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin, and are open to signing district-level agreements when state-level Data Privacy Agreements are not possible. 

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