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📝 AI Worksheets and Lesson Plans

Create lesson plans, exemplars, quizzes, resources and more using the power of AI

Use Brisk to bring rigorous materials to your classroom. Create personalized lesson plans and worksheets to adapt to your learner's needs.

Integrated into Google Docs

Create an activity in Google Docs and assign it to your students in Google Assignment and Google Classroom. No copy and paste needed.

Forever free

Our core curriculum tools are free! We believe that you deserve high quality lesson plans, engaging activities, and adaptive assignments free in your classroom.

↕️ Convert the Reading Level of News Articles

Make the entire internet accessible to your learners

Assess the Reading Level of any Text

Click on the Brisk extension to see the reading level of any text on the internet. Brisk uses the length of sentences and the vocabulary used in the text to determine what age level the text is appropriate for. With Brisk, you have unlimited opportunities for differentiation.

Offer SPED and ELL students strong support

It can be challenging to find appropriately leveled resources for SPED students, ELL students, and students behind on reading. Brisk allows you to quickly convert complex material to an appropriate level, translate that material, and give your students all the support they need.

Populate Converted Articles Directly in Google Docs

When you convert and article, Brisk will automatically populate it in a new Google Doc for you. You can then share it with your students or have Brisk to use the article to generate additional materials like a reading comprehension quiz.

📖 Change the level of any Google Doc

Integrated with Google Docs, use Brisk to differentiate Docs material in seconds

Make your existing resources accessible

Brisk simplifies challenging concepts, shortens sentences, and uses appropriate vocabulary to level text.

Write with Brisk then Change Level with Brisk

Brisk is an all in one tool that allows you to generate high quality material and then immediately differentiate it for your learners.

Start in Docs, end in Docs

When you convert the article, Brisk will automatically populate it in a new Google Doc for you.

✍️ Free, easy AI detector

We've built the most accurate and useful AI-detection tool for Google Docs and Google Classroom.

Seamless AI Detection, No Uploads Needed

As educators, we know how annoying it is to upload files to websites like Turnitin. Brisk's AI detection is built right into Google Docs and Google Classroom, so you can detect AI writing without ever leaving your workflow.

Assess Student Effort on Assignments

Brisk uses version history data to assess the effort that students put into their assignments. This can be used to flag suspicious work and support learners.

Cutting-Edge AI-Detection

We are leveraging a cutting-edge text-based AI-detection model to detect AI writing. It's been trained on GPT4 and is the most accurate AI-detection model available today.

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