SUccess stories

Learn how Pewaukee School District implemented Brisk to streamline educator tasks and improve learning outcomes.

SUccess stories

Learn how Pewaukee School District implemented Brisk to streamline educator tasks and improve learning outcomes.


Located in Wisconsin, Pewaukee School District caters to a vibrant community of 3,000 students and 400 faculty and staff, unified on a single campus. In their pursuit to integrate technology that enhances teaching and learning without overwhelming their educators, the district embarked on a meticulous search for the most user-friendly tools available. Their journey led them to Brisk, a platform that seamlessly integrates with existing platforms such as Google and Canvas, thereby minimizing the learning curve for teachers. Brisk was chosen for its ability to streamline educational processes while empowering teachers to focus on what matters most - the direct, face-to-face engagement with students. 

"Brisk is exactly what we've been searching for - it's a teacher-driven tool that enhances our effectiveness without adding complexity." said Rachel Y., the district’s Chief Information Technology Officer.

The Challenges

Pewaukee School District was committed to finding an educational technology solution that would not only be impactful but also user-friendly for its educators. The district faced the common challenge of navigating a market flooded with tools that, while potentially useful, often required significant time to learn and integrate effectively into existing teaching practices. This exhaustive search was driven by a promise to their educators to free up their time, allowing them to dedicate more energy to engaging directly with students. Many available tools failed to meet their criteria, either due to their complexity or because they did not align with the district's strategic goals. The need for a solution like Brisk became apparent - a tool that would integrate smoothly with tools teachers already use and feel safe using, particularly important for those hesitant about new technology.

The Solution

The district adopted Brisk after a thorough evaluation based on criteria including ease of use, impact on student learning, and data security. Brisk's capabilities in creating personalized educational content and assessments made it a standout choice, enabling teachers to focus more on student interaction and less on administrative tasks.

"Brisk's targeted feedback feature has revolutionized how I provide feedback and craft assessments. It's a substantial time-saver that allows me to focus on deeper student engagement," said Aaron Y., Social Studies Department Chair.

Teacher Insights

Teachers across the district have expressed great satisfaction with the functionality and impact of Brisk:

Amy T, MS Special Education: "Brisk’s IEP goal plan feature is phenomenal. It aligns perfectly with the student's present level, helping me craft precise and effective educational strategies."
Christine T, HS English: "Using Brisk for formative grammar feedback has significantly reduced my workload, allowing me to concentrate more on student interaction and less on routine tasks."
Christa M, 5th Grade Teacher: "Brisk has enhanced how I provide feedback, revealing quality elements in students’ work that I had previously overlooked."

The Results

Since implementing Brisk, Pewaukee School District has seen remarkable improvements in educational efficiency and effectiveness. Teachers are better equipped to manage their classrooms and tailor their instruction to meet the needs of their students. Students benefit from more personalized and actionable feedback, helping them to excel academically.

"Brisk has not only saved me time but also enhanced the quality of my interactions with students, allowing me to focus on what truly matters – their educational growth and development," said Christa M, 5th Grade Teacher.


The implementation of Brisk at Pewaukee School District has been a resounding success, aligning with their mission to provide future-ready skills through responsible and ethical technology use. As the district continues to innovate, Brisk remains a vital tool in their strategy, enhancing the educational experience and supporting student success.

Looking ahead, Pewaukee School District is committed to further leveraging Brisk to enhance its educational practices, ensuring that every student is well-prepared for the future. The continued use of Brisk will help the district maintain its commitment to providing a personalized learning experience for every student, truly opening the door to each child's future.

Sharing Success and Resources

In the spirit of collaboration and continuous improvement, Pewaukee School District has generously shared a suite of valuable resources with the broader Brisk community. These materials, developed through their pioneering use of AI in education, serve as a blueprint for other districts aspiring to implement similar technologies ethically and effectively.

AI Ethics Guidelines for Students and Staff
AI Guidance Packet
AI Letter for Parents
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Understanding the importance of responsible AI use, Pewaukee has crafted comprehensive Ethics Guidelines that outline best practices for students and staff. These guidelines help ensure that AI tools are used in a manner that respects privacy, promotes fairness, and upholds academic integrity.
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To assist other educational institutions in navigating the complexities of AI integration, Pewaukee has created an AI Guidance Packet. This packet provides ethics guidelines, key considerations, and practical advice to help schools implement AI tools successfully and sustainably.
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Recognizing the crucial role of parental support in education, Pewaukee has also developed an AI Letter for Parents. This letter informs parents about the AI tools being used in the district, explains their benefits, and addresses common concerns. It's designed to foster an understanding of AI’s role in education and encourage parental engagement and approval.
By sharing these documents, Pewaukee School District not only demonstrates its commitment to ethical AI use but also enriches the global educational community. Their willingness to provide these resources empowers other districts to embark on their own journeys toward integrating AI in education, equipped with the tools and knowledge to do so responsibly.

Thank You to Our Partners at Pewaukee School District

Danielle Bosanec

Chief Academic Officer
Pewaukee School District

Rachel Yurk

Chief Information and Technology Officer
Pewaukee School District